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Latest Guilty Pleasure Update

I watched the last episode of TV series Empress Cheonchu aka The Iron Empress on Hulu yesterday. No spoilers. Episodes 75-78 had me on an emotional rollercoaster. I didn’t want it to end. Round of applause for the entire cast.

My personal favorites besides Chae Shi-ra were Choi Jae-sung (Gang Jo), Im Hyuk (Seo Hui), Lee Deok-hwa (General Gang Gam-chan), Kim Suk-hoon (Kim Chi-yang), Kim Byeong-ki (Kim Won-seung), Moon Jung-hee (Empress Munhwa/Lady Kim), Shim Hye-jin (Empress Xiao of Liao) and Ban Hyo-jung (Empress Sinjeong).

Based on the life of Hwangbo Soo / Queen Honae/ Empress Cheonchu. Chae Shi-ra is totally bada$$ as the title character. Empress Cheonchu was a skilled warrior (archery, swordswoman & equestrian) and politician. She’s driven to reclaim land lost in previous wars and restore Goryeo as a great empire. Think of Xena Warrior Princess in her warlord period.

Fans of Hero, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Curse of the Golden Flower and Red Cliff (international version) will love the doomed romances, endless backstabbing/betrayals, awesome martial arts/fight scenes and epic battle sequences. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sets & costumes!