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Longmire Cancelled by A&E — Might Another Network Lasso the Drama?

WHY!!!! Are you kidding me? Fans have waited years for Vic & Walt to hook up. How will Shaun Keegan & Ed Gorski handle their romance? Branch may or may not take over the family business. Will he uncover Barlow’s secrets? Henry needs a woman that deserves him. Love The Ferg taking on more responsibility. What does Ruby do when she’s not working at the office? Will Cady work more with Dad? Here’s an idea. Cady opens her own private practice & hires Lucian to work for her. Can you imagine the one-liners? Want Lucian’s butting heads with Chief Mathias, Jacob Nighthorse & Malachi Strand. They’ll be calling Walt to get him off their backs. Will follow them to another network. Somebody make it happen.