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Posted Nov 11.

Love SHIELD. But can Fitz & Simmons be more serious? Why are they clueless about field work? Don’t they know scientists who made the transition? Have any agent friends? Talked to people? Skye being a traitor wasn’t a surprise. Maybe if she revealed she was searching for her parents at the beginning. Then two years down the line we found out she was a double agent.

Ward should take Fitz & Simmons under his wing also. Because any one of them will get themselves and/or someone else killed or seriously injured. Coulson and May are perfect. Have Coulson, May and Ward hang out more. How about a mission where the newbies have to rescue them? Which should make them realize field work isn’t a game.

How about Coulson’s team running into other Marvel heroes & villains? Would love to see Coulson butting heads with Iron Man/Tony Stark. Captain America praising Coulson. Defiantly keep them interacting with SHIELD agents from the movies & comics.